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Eye Care for Animals App

Brain Glove has just published the Eye Care for Animals app to Apple's App Store. This is a small, informative app for pet ophthalmology. It has pictures of eye disorders with descriptions, directions to your nearest Eye Care for Animals clinic, links to ECFA website, and educational surgical videos.

Eye Care for Animals contracted DMI Design to create an app for their clinics. DMI Design then subcontracted Brain Glove to complete the work. It has been a lengthy process, but an enjoyable one. Julie at ECFA is very pleasant to work with and I have the utmost respect for their surgeons. I would also like to thank Dr. Douglass Esson and Dr. Hoffman of ECFA for their support on this project.

New Direction for Word Game

We've taken a new direction with our word game. It is really coming along, but we decided to change the theme from dragons to time travel. This means that I have to scrap almost all of my art and start over. But I really like this new direction. Christian and I have decided to put in 5 time period to which you will travel. We will start the game in Ancient Greece, then to the Viking era, Ming Dynasty, Ancient Egypt, and finally back to the Ice Age. The idea is that as you pass a level, you are awarded gems (depending on your score). There will be 10 levels to each world, making 50 levels total.

New Project Launch (It's a Word Game)

We have just started on our next venture. It will be a fast-paced word game. The idea is that it will play a little like "Tetris" and "BeJeweled", but with letters in which you have to spell words. We want to have the theme of the game be dragons. We'll keep you posted.