Tumbling Tiles:

Words In Time

Look for Tumbling Tiles in Your Favorite App Store in Mid-December 2012! Tumbling Tiles is the latest mobile app from the Brain Glove development team. It’s a fast-paced game that combines the challenges of word games (like Scrabble or Words with Friends) with the frantic pace of puzzle games (like Tetris and BeJeweled). Tumbling Tiles hurdles players through history using a steam-powered time machine. On your journey you will enlist the help of Hercules and other historical figures (like Athena, Ramesses, Cleopatra, etc.) to help you complete levels, collect coins, and earn gems. Players spell words by tapping the lettered tiles on the game board. The tiles that are used to spell words are eliminated from play and generate points. You must act fast, though, because new tiles will be added to the game board as time progresses. The newer tiles will displace other tiles on the game board by pushing them closer and closer to the top. If they reach the top of the board, all of the tiles will tumble and the level is over. Your score for the level will determine how many gems you have earned. Earn at least one gem to complete the level and move on to other levels where the action gets faster and more challenging.